Holiday Hangover!


Bye Bye! stressful job, non stop chattering friends, intruding relatives, unsatisfied employers, regretful past, anxious present, worrisome future. And ya almost forgot painful diet n exercise.

Hello! basking sun, starry nights, cloud-capped mountains, silver rivers n singing brooks, enchanting strangers, vibrant cultures, mouth watering cuisines and unforgettable memories.

Some love leisure, some adventure, some exploring , idea of holidays differs from person to person. But whatever type of “time out” you choose it refreshes, rejuvenates and if you observe carefully you will see a change in your perspective and identify split personalities in you.

How personality? I kind of realised characteristics that come out in every vacation which my daily routine kind of keeps them hidden.

Leadership : Oh yes, a trip does bring out your leadership qualities. Obviously this won’t work if the whole trip is dependant on the travel agent. But when you and your group are on…

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