No monkey business in the Caribbean

We are going on a bear hunt

Striking palm trees, displaying an array of long, bright green leaves jutting out the top of their trunks, line the Carribean black sand beach. They are an important asset to the citizens in Tortegero – where I am currently laying comfortably in a blue hammock. The sturdy palm trees produce numerous coconuts which are sold and used in all walks of life – from being made into intricate, stunning lamp shades to ending up in my curry dish for dinner. As I am swinging in the hammock I am looking over the beach, admiring the sea while sipping some coconut juice. I picked up a fresh, green, fallen coconut earlier, jabbed a hole in the top and placed a straw in it. It tastes sweet, cool and watery. The ocean in Tortegero is rather ferocious with strong currents and loud waves. Listening to the water sweep in and out and…

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