4% of your day

Sheldon & Chardonnay


Pinterest is one of my absolute loves. I can indulge in hours finding all the great stuff I intend to do, probably won’t do, projects to ask my Mom to do for me, travel ideas (someday it will happen, right?) and of course, writing inspiration and motivation.

One of my favorites is: An hour is only 4% of your day. Isn’t your goal worth that? It was inferring a workout 😉 but damn, it hit home to my writing goals. Everyone struggles to find time. Just how much of it do we waste every day? Reality TV is only research for so long…

So, if I’m not actively writing every day, what else am I doing to achieve my writing goals?

  • Reading. I carve out time to read every single day. Whether it’s an audiobook in the car, or a few stolen minutes on my Kindle in a long checkout…

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