A Girl’s List To Awesomeness


Copy of success through the joy of sisterhood

Written By Siovonne Smith

1. Be True to You: You’re your only you. Be your Best You!

2. Be Healthy: Eat well. Exercise. Be Positive. You’ll be Healthy, Happy, and Beautiful, Inside and Out.

3. Find your Joy: Discover, Explore, and Find what Brings you Joy.

4. Empower your Power: Find and Know your Strengths… Build on Them. Learn from your Mistakes and Become Stronger.

5. Believe in Your Potential: Don’t be afraid to Dream… Imagine All the Possibilities Life can Offer.

6. Keep Learning: Read, Study, Develop Skills, and Use your Imagination. We’re all Students in Life.

7. Be Money Smart: Value It… Don’t Waste It.

8. Stay Away from Trouble: If you Sense Danger or Something’s Not Right… Stay Away!

9. Don’t Let Others Tear You Down: None of Us are Perfect but We All have the Potential to be Amazing.

10. Give Back: Help Out Others When…

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