Behind the scenes of Singapore Airlines…

Little Grey Box

Here’s the thing about airlines… I tend to take them for granted. I show up at the airport, whine about the length of the line at check-in, then lump my heavy backpack through the airport. I get on the plane, roll my eyes at noisy passengers and those who still can’t find the right seat, despite the fact it’s 2016 (seriously!) The safety video comes on and, feeling like I know it word for word, I zone out.

Thing is, I have seriously been under-appreciating just what goes into being a flight attendant. There is a lot more to it than offering chicken or beef and I got the chance to learn a lot more about it on a behind the scenes tour of the Singapore Airlines Training Centre. You guys, it’s actually really cool! Honestly, I was a bit ‘how cool can it be?’ before I went, but as…

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