Bring the Jubilee


I’m afraid truly new stuff is going to be rather sparse here for awhile.

I’m working on some stuff related to the short fiction of Kathe Koja, reading a long, detailed history of intelligence operations in Latin America in World War One for a future review, and then I’ll be reviewing another Peter F. Hamilton book, some weird fiction, and doing some rather self-indulgent reviews of a couple of non-fiction books I read this summer (on the Worldwide Church of God’s fragmentation and the history of the Homestake Mine, if you must know).

Or so the plan goes.

But I’m also putting a full day in as election judge for the Presidential election this week and taking a short vacation afterwards.

And I’m more in a consumer mode lately and catching up on reading other people’s blogs and watching movies and listening to podcasts.

And I’ve been having a hankering…

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