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Gratitude Today

Gratitude Today is travel ideas with the boys! When kids are growing up, parents get preoccupied with so many things. And when you are not that well off (like i am!), travel is a luxury! Especially when they start attending school, budget gets tighter. Then here comes their outgrown pajamas, too tight shoes, snug-fit shirts (if i may say.. haha!), plus pants that hang way too close to their knees than on their ankles! Travel is indeed a luxury parents like me can hardly afford.

Despite that, we get to spend time doing few short-distance travels every now and then. We get to talk about things while on the road, trying out new food together, experience a new environment.. just enjoying each other’s company. Priceless! Afterall, you do not need lot of cash to get yourself from poit A to point B. Travel is just a matter of definition. Basically…

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