Review: Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters

underground airlinesUnderground Airlines has a unique premise, which can basically be summed up as follows: what if the American Civil War never happened?  The answer to that question, according to Ben H. Winters’ novel, is that slavery would still exist in four southern states, tolerated by the rest of the Union because it’s easy to ignore. The story is told by a “freed” slave now working as a bounty hunter for a shady government agency, tracking down escaped slaves to be returned to their owners. It would, presumably, be called alternate history, apart from the fact that it takes place in the present.

If you’re interested in reading an intriguing and well-paced thriller with a bit of mystery thrown in, Underground Airlines is worth picking up. There are a number of good twists to keep the reader engaged, and the depiction of subterfuge and the protagonist’s increasing lack of comfort with his…

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