The Airline Diet

Webner House

In my lifetime, there have been many diet fads. Scarsdale. Atkins. The Caveman Diet.

But what about the Airline Diet? That’s the diet in which you would do nothing except eat and drink what you get for free on an airplane trip. Diet Coke or water for refreshment. Peanuts and maybe some crackers for sustenance. All served by a hurried attendant rolling a cart down a narrow aisle, and consumed on a plastic tray that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned as you sit bumping elbows with complete strangers.

Sure, your sodium content probably would go through the roof, but you’d soon lose any interest in food — which seems to be the goal of many diets, anyway. When you see people eating on an airplane, it’s a purely mechanical exercise. You munch on the food because it’s been given to you and it’s something to do while you’re up in the…

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