Wander: Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

imageWelcome to the Pool House

Sometimes when I’m bored, I browse the internet in pursuit of new adventures. Most of what I discover are ideas for the future. Domestic travel ideas for the family (once my son gets older) or International ideas for my husband and I (though those happen less than either of us would like). On occasion, I get lucky and find something that sparks my interest locally that I haven’t discovered yet. I save those on a “To Do” list on my iPhone and generally forget about them  until I check my list and rediscover them. That’s what happened with the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. I have no idea how I heard about it or when I added it to the list, but one day it was there when I needed it and away I went!

Developed in 1941 on Oldham County farmland, it was originally the home, gardens and commercial nursery…

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