Discretion: The Greatest Act of Valor.

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

A few months old baby crawls to the burning lamp and touches the glass.
Ouch! Shrieked.

It did cause a burning sensation to those tiny, spongy fingers.
The baby might or might not cry in pain. But there his mind gets a signal.

Don’t touch this yellow colored glass lamp. It might hurt.”

We are supposed to practice discretion right from the moment we are born.
A new born suspends crying in Mom’s lap is also an act of discretion based on the faces it sees around itself for days, actions it notices and affection it receives.

There is a very thin line between a step forward and a step backward.
That is the line of discretion.

When to make a move, when to hold yourself back, when and What to speak, how to act.
And there comes the role of clarity of thoughts and different perspectives.

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