Road Trip #7 – Zingerman’s Roadhouse

A Pict in PA

On the morning of our fourth day of road tripping I experienced a Starbucks for the first time.  I know it must be a bit mystifying that someone my age can never have had a Starbucks product when the chain is so ubiquitous but it was in fact the case.  I don’t drink coffee so had no motivation to patronise the place.  After our late evening watching a drive-in movie, Mr Pict felt he could do with a caffeine jolt so we stopped in at a Starbucks on the fringes of Toledo.  He decided I should finally try something from Starbucks and ordered me this green tea cappuccino thing.  I regularly enjoy green tea but this incarnation of the drink was horrid.  It had the taste and texture of hot pond scum.  I could not abide it and could not drink it.  This road trip might well, therefore, be my first and…

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