The Election…and Other Potential Triggers

The Next Right Step

ICELANDBy Charlie Johnston

Lately I have gotten all sorts of notes and comments that begin, “You say there will be no election…” I have been explaining all year that there could be an election, but it would not ultimately matter.

What I was told in the Spring of 2008 was that Barack Obama would win that year’s election, that he would not finish his full term, and that the next stable national leader would not come from the political system. I understand why people would figure that meant there would be no election this year. It is the most obvious scenario, but it is not the only scenario in which it would fit. There could be an election in which things explode after the election, but before an inauguration. In another scenario, President Obama could assume emergency powers and extend his term indefinitely, in which case it would end abruptly…

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