The Road Is The Same


9-collage-art-illustrations-by-sammy-slabbinck-yatzer1 Sammy Slabbinck

Now that you are on this trip
I know that you want a taste
But please try to remember,
Though I am sure you will forget
That to come up here,
First you have to go down.
The road is the same
As above, so below.

Caution ahead:
Illusory surface
Expect delays
Of a thousand years
The hallucination
Of this instance
Will conflict with
The reality of the next
But keep on keeping on
Carry on ahead
Don’t look back
Because you will only
See indistinct ghosts
Acid etched dissolves
Swerve away from
Distant lights
Pulsing neon red
For everything here
Is all consuming fire
The only constant
Is mutability.

So below, as above
The road is the same.
I will go down so
That I may come up there
I will surely forget,
Though I will try to remember
Because I really wanta taste
Now that I…

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