Thematic Interruption: Photo Gear–Important, But Greatly Overrated

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 “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.”  —  Ansel Adams

On a couple of photo forums that I check with some degree of regularity, there are discussions currently taking place about particular gear upgrades (specifically whether action–sports, wildlife, etc.–photographers should upgrade to the new Nikon D500 or stick with the less expensive D7200).  I’m not an action photographer, so the discussion really doesn’t apply to me, but the prevalence of the should-I-upgrade question reminded me of a general principle that applies to many–though not all–styles of photography regardless of specifics:  gear is grossly overrated in terms of its role in producing satisfying photographs.

South Beach Sunset, Curry County, Oregon South Beach Sunset, Curry County, Oregon

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