Thinking big in a small world

Rationalising The Universe

Rationalising the Universe was never set up as a facility to express opinion, unless in relation to the forefront of science and the perimeter of human knowledge. On the odd occasion opinion based comment seems relevant, for example during the European Referendum in June 2016 (to no avail) and again in my last opinion piece, Are we lost?Here we explored my personal viewpoint on the trajectory of the human race, which surprised me in becoming my most popular piece. Today I venture into opinion based writing once more, as I express old views in light new events. Inherent in the nature of this post I do not present absolute fact.

The title of this post is central pillar of this line of argument. Studying theoretical physics one is required to think big; both in the literal sense of the universe and singularities, along with the metaphorical sense of string theory or quantum entanglement. When we leave this impenetrable fortress…

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