Oh No, Not Another Lifestyle Blog!

Mrs. K

Do you think there are too many Lifestyle Bloggers? Fashion Bloggers? Beauty Bloggers?

I mean, after all, what else is there to say? How many beauty products, trends, travel tips, food posts can one read before they all become repetitive, mundane, annoying? Heck, you review one BB Creme, you’ve essentially reviewed them all, right?

And aren’t most lifestyle bloggers really just shallow, pretentious, narcissistic, selfie posting, twenty-somethings who just want to make people believe that they are living these amazing lives, when they are really just blogging from their childhood bedrooms, littered with Dorito bags, wine bottles, and Haagen Das cartons?

These are all the thoughts that are going through my head as I write this first post for this  new…ahem…lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog that I’m sure will have its fair share of product reviews, travel tips, and food posts and yes folks…selfies.

Yes, in spite of all that I said…

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