I hope…


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I hope your fiftes mean going back to school or staring yoga,I hope your forties include falling in love with child,parter or someone new,I hope you stay up all night laughing,Dancing your heart out even when you know your dancing is crap.I wish in your thirties you learn to do something new.live a life people write novels about,Go Travel,discover,explore,do something that makes your heart run,It doesn’t matter which year you are born.what i mean to say is i hope you aren’t held back by a number.With every age you are growing with new experience’s.Don’t rush into things because it feels like time sliping by.Slow down,breathe,Do what is right for you,Remember you are here for very small time ,So don’t spend your life depending on other’s decisions.your age,this life is yours.Don’t doubt or change your journey to match any one else’s.We need to walk on diffirent paths so the…

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