Religion and Atheism

Silence of Mind

During my university-level course, Introduction to Molecular Biology, the professor asked THE 64,000 dollar question:

“What is the purpose of all living things?”

After more than a few seconds of stunned silence I answered the question with an answer provided by the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle :

“The purpose of all things is to fulfil their nature.”

The professor responded, “It looks like somebody around here is bucking for an ‘A’. The purpose of all living things is to do their jobs.”

protein translation

Okay, so the professor threw Aristotle under the bus for Karl Marx.

Regardless, we can still ask, how does man fulfill his nature or do his job?

Karl Marx declared that man’s job was to produce through work, the sweat of his brow so to speak (Communist Manifesto).

But that is ridiculous because it means that mothers and children are not fully human.  Neither are artists, musicians, and actors even if all their art, music…

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