Religionectomy Is Impossible

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  1. Belief is not the cancer. The religion is the cancer. Religion: man’s decision to discard the knowledge and wisdom and the spiritual experience and journey of self-change for the physical rewards from physical deeds that are empty and devoid of any true spiritual empathy. Sunday observers become Monday preachers of hate, rejecting the love that is supposed to be the basis of their “belief”. But do they really believe? Do they really believe in unconditional love? Do they truly believe in suffering for what they believe? Do they really believe in refraining from judgment or condemnation?

    Christianity, like all other philosophies meant to be used as a personal guide, a method of changing the man/woman within (not without) has been so twisted into something that is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be. Now, it is something used to beat others into submission, oppress those who are different, and to hate and hold grudges for no reason. Man, it seems, knows no other way than to do something that has a physical result or relies upon physical actions to signify that he has actually made progress at something intangible.

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