The Fairy Tale!

Fab Writings

Eric grew up believing in miracles. In fairies, wizards, angels and ninjas. For him, superheroes existed in real somewhere, and he knew one day he would meet them all. He lived in his own world, where all the bad guys are whacked by the good ones,where problems are solved with superpowers,where superheroes are worshipped and envied and hated. Eric turned fifteen in January but he still didn’t stop believing that it’s Santa who brings him gifts, he didn’t stop believing that spider bites can make anyone spider man, he didn’t stop believing that every toilet leads to a chamber of secret. And he didn’t stop being a worry to his parents.
“Why don’t you go out and play baseball with your friends”  his mother would say
“They don’t want to befriend me, they think I am strange” he would reply.
“You aren’t strange”  his mother would say, although not being…

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