The love of money


(is the root of all evil)

Brian has eaten the sofa, countless pairs of shoes, he destroys at least one toy and one harness a day. He had a period of chewing the walls, so we need to redecorate the house. He likes digging and he tried to dig in the house, too, so the carpets need to be replaced (and possibly the kitchen floor, too).


But, then, who cares, really?

Some people do. I used to have a conversation about money with any potential adopter. Dogs can be expensive, even if they are nothing like Brian. The insurance or vet bills, the food and training, the toys and grooming. Some dogs are healthy and have no behavioural problems, they thrive on reasonably inexpensive food and play with any toy. But if material things (carpets, shoes, sofas, laptops) are very important in someone’s life, I’d probably try to discourage them…

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