Till the last breath by Durjoy Dutta:My thoughts on it


our lives are so short,and love brings a peace of heaven to everyone,even to the dying one.We pass our day somehow,we have to get through other day.we are not counting the blessings of being alive.Pihu,one of the protaganists,A beautiful hearted,Intellegent girl and the bad boy known by world two following their fates,get admittted to one hospital.Two doctors,Arman who is very succesful in his field and zarah his fellow doctor.These four charachters will lead you through pains,the smallest moment of joy,and How for someone living a little extra day could be so satisfying.Behind the beautiful face and sunshining smile of pihu covers so much sorrow,and somehow her liveliness,her love towards a one who not likes her,She still loves everybody.Her appreciation to the single breath of her made me feel like how i taken my life for granted,always waiting for another day,another weekend to find happiness in the cartbords of expensive menus.Pihu…

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