malakhai jonezs

Lightning raced across the border of the nighttime sky. The rain poured heavily outside her window.

She sat on the bed with knees bent; arms emoting submission. Her garment slid from her shoulder. Slowly, she lifted her gaze to look at him.

He stood just outside the dim light of the room, leaning against the door frame. She thought to herself, Its better this way. Better to not look into his eyes; to not see her reflection in them.


He moved from the door to the interior of the room stalking her. Mahogany posts twisted down to bulbed bases. Her foot dangled above the cold surface of the tiled floor in wait.

I introduce you to my dreams.
Invite you to my bed..

Walking softly around the room; Leaving lit candles in her train.

I welcome you into my soul.
Enfolding you into my body.
Prostituting my soul.

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