Wildlife of Kenai Peninsula

Jet Eliot

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, Moose Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, Moose

Amid the craggy mountains and massive icefields of Alaska rests the Kenai Peninsula extending approximately 150 miles (240 km) into the Gulf of Alaska.

Surrounded by frigid waters teeming with sea life and the towering masses of the Kenai Mountains, the Peninsula is host to a plethora of wildlife.

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

We first arrived on the Peninsula via the Seward Highway, a scenic highway traversing south from Anchorage to Seward.

The western side, protected by Cook Inlet, is marshy habitat, lakes, and rivers.  Here we saw moose wading in sparkling waters, grazing on marsh grass.  Chickadees danced in the foliage among numerous red berries and wildflowers.

Kenai, Humpback Whale Kenai, Humpback Whale

The Peninsula’s eastern side is dominated by glaciers that originate from the Sargent and Harding Icefields.

The Harding Icefield, the largest icefield in the U.S., spawns 40 glaciers and receives up to 400 inches of snow…

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