5 things you will learn from children

Everyone wants the life like in childhood.  Because in childhood you were free of all the tensions. But I found kids more creative and better human as well then their elders.Children are unpredictable and unbelievably amazing.Here are few lessons which you can learn from children.


  1. They have no long lasting conflicts:

Kid’s best things are they have no conflicts with each other.  May you have seen that they are fighting? But after few minutes they will play together.  They have no opponents so that’s why they are happy with each other.  Their life is simple; they have no plans to attack any other person. You can learn love from the children not how to quarrel. But conflicts in elder’s life make it worst. In the elder’s world there are opponents, where you try to make others shameful. This hatred makes our lives painful and charmless. Therefore act like kids and…

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