Adoption of a mantra – Fiji Time

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A Wandering Memory

I’m quite a punctual person, and growing up ‘pre’ the mobile phone era if I said I was going to be somewhere at a particular time, I made sure I was. Even now I have the latest iPhone I still like to keep to time or at least close to that time.

Whilst traveling you will experience things run late, be it flights, tours, people… you have to adopt a very tolerant attitude towards most things. However never have we ever encountered such a laid back attitude to time as on the Fijian island of Nanuya Lailai. It was here that we really learnt that island life never really runs to time.


We booked a boat trip to a see the Sawa i lau sea caves, that were rumoured to be an essential experience, not to be missed. The trip was scheduled to start at 11 am, so we arrived…

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