Diary of an Exchange Student – New York City (Part 1)


I do not want to sugar coat these blogs, hence my attempt to be open an honest about my experiences. In my opinion travelling alone is lonely. There is no one next to you to talk to, and share the amazing memories you are discovering:

  • Whether the discussions range from the 34 degree celcius heat in the city, and that you’re sweating from every orafus possible – I definitely do NOT do this…
  • Or that you’re still amazed at the amount of people possible in one tiny city

You cannot compare travelling alone in the USA underage, than with a travel companion.

Nonetheless, New York City as the world knows is the city that never sleeps; and, what comes with the city that never sleeps? That’s right; an exuberant amount of touristy things to do.

To make things easy and understandable for those who do not know of my travels…

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