Important Tips for An Acceptable Visa Photo


If your photo is acceptable for a U.S. visa? To ensure fast processing of your ESTA Visa application, you can take time to check out the all criteria for an ACCEPTABLE vs UNACCEPTABLE photo.


Photo Basics

Acceptable Photo

A Photographs should be clear and focused and clearly identify the subject.


Subject not looking directly at the camera, some shadows on face and background, expression also not neutral.

original-2-e1455249657112Size & Position

Acceptable Photo

Photo should be 2”x2” (51 x 51 mm) and sized between 1” and 1.4” (25 and 35 mm).

original-3-e1455249782524.jpgUnacceptable Photo

Camera too close to subject that’s why fish-eye distortion and head size too large along with head is not centered properly.

original-4-e1455249946268Pose and Expression

Acceptable Photo

Subject is directly facing camera along with a neutral expression and eyes are clearly visible.

original-5-e1455250050543.jpg Unacceptable Photo

  • Subject is looking down and head is tilted forward.


Acceptable Photo

Clearly visible…

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