Last train to the Kingdom

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The battle of Trafalgar marked the beginning of the end of Napoleon’s ambitions. Tomorrow, Brits will flip a coin. All polls hover at 50/50 REMAIN or leave. This post may be the last with the Kingdom inside the EU. Maybe the last post for the United Kingdom. The Scots have already announced they would secede in case of Brexit. So let’s take a stroll in what still is a European Britain, before the coin falls.

2 2015-07-07 18.30.53

Domine nos dirige. Scrapping the dust in my Latin drawer: God directs us (?)

3 2015-07-07 17.49.25

HMS Belfast on the Thames. London bridge in the background.

4 2015-07-09 16.42.53

“A passage to India.” The elephant looks a bit under the weather.

5 2015-07-08 17.56.33

Will the price of beer go up? 😦

6 2015-07-09 11.50.23

To REMAIN or to leave, that is the question…

7 2015-07-09 15.35.33

Do Remain

Oh fair maiden.

I know, it is a poor rhyme. But this entire…

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