United Kingdom Travel Guide

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United Kingdom is an insular country, with a land surface of 242,514 square kilometers and a population of about 65 million people.

There are not so many places on God’s green Earth which can boast as much history, epic scenery and culture as the United Kingdom does.

Just think about Magna Carta, natural law, parliamentarianism , free-trade, the industrial revolution and so on and so forth. The United Kingdom, or the British Empire in its haze days, was behind all that.

Borders, language and culture, that’s all there is to know about a successful empire. The United Kingdom is an unique travelling destination, a bit eccentric and busy, but very humorous, with a thousand of different personalities and fish and chips/tea and cake cliches. “Do you want another cup’o tea dear?”


The United Kingdom is a country with thrusting cities, such as Manchester, London or Glasgow, filled with a diverse…

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