5 Interesting Ways Nigerian Men and Women Travel Differently


Travelling is not the exclusive preserve of any gender. Both men and women travel even as statistics show that 78% of men and 22% women travel in Nigeria. However, what is undeniable is that men and women travel differently. We share some of these ways.

Packing Habits

When women travel, they fill out their handbags and luggage with everything they need. So, it should not be surprising that they usually prepare ahead, decide on what to wear and pack more items. While men prefer to go empty-handed or pack only a few items.

Activity choices

If you have traveled with a woman to a destination like the Olumirin waterfall in Osun state or the Olumo rock in Abeokuta, you will require patience to maneuver the waterfall or rock. Why? Because women don’t like strenuous and stressful activities. Often times than not, they rely on the man for support. Hence…

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