5 Ways to Fall in Love With Being Alone

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baby got backcountry

There are two things I get asked the most by friends, families, and even strangers – the first being, “Aren’t you scared?” My response: “No, because I am safe.”

Check out my safety tips for women traveling solo here.

The second question is always something to the effect of, “Don’t you get lonely?”

Again, nope. Well. A little. Sometimes. Because, don’t all humans?

I have always been comfortable being on my own, and in most cases, I prefer to be alone. But even if you absolutely dread seclusion, you’re not a lost cause. Over the years, my own relationship with solitude has been strengthened with a little work. Here are some tricks to enjoy spending a surplus of “me, myself, and I” time:

1. Start in small doses.

Not everyone can tackle a week or month long solo trip right off the bat. A few years ago I took a solo trip…

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  1. adeez.org says:

    sounds tricky, well its amazing feeling though


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