A World of One’s Own: In Defense of Women Traveling Alone

Maracuya Press

Disclaimer: I would never judge how a sexual assault survivor would heal.  In my personal experience, traveling has been empowering, but growth looks different on everybody.  To travel is a privilege – so if you cannot, please know that you can grow in other ways.

In a world that feeds off fear, traveling alone is a radical act.

I am lucky to have never been raped.  However, like almost every other women or girl, I have been harassed and assaulted on multiple occasions.  My boundaries have been violated, by strangers and those close to me.  So, why would I want to go off on my own, in India of all places, which, despite many strides made in the past decade, remains a highly patriarchal society (in part due to the colonial legacy?)


Because I am tired of being less than I am.  I am tired of living in fear…

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