Airline food, the gorgeous only

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Traveling Matters to us

It was only in the last couple of years that we started taking photos of the airline food that were served to us. Inspired by Nik Loukas and this post on the Daily Mail, we are compiling our own slideshow of gorgeous airline food.

And because we are such nice folks, only beautiful meals will be shared with you. Why? Because we want to make you envious…

Seriously. We all have our share of bad airline food. Do we really need to be reminded? So here’s a sampling of SIA’s culinary offer for those who are humbly privileged to fly business on them regularly:

Lest you think it’s all good, we’ll let you in a little secret. The food you are having onboard are probably saltier, have more pepper added to it and have a lot more aromatic spices than you would normally use when back on earth. We have read…

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