Fresh Air

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Nothing gets me out of the doldrums more than stepping outside into fresh air.

There’s something about being outdoors that calms me. And makes me realise that we’re more than our problems.

The simple pleasure of drinking fresh water from a flowing mineral pool makes me grateful for what we often take for granted.

A simple pleasure of a meal cooked and eaten outside.

My mum always said that food tastes better in the fresh air and she was right.

Somehow, when chaos reigns indoors going out, even for a little while, gives us perspective.

And worries have less power over us when we’re amongst nature.

The old adage seems so true … slow down and smell the roses.

Or whatever other fresh flowers you might find along the way.

Feeling the rush of a fresh sea breeze is like a tonic to a tired heart.


Though we don’t have to be on…

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