Lessons Learnt From Travel

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Travel, it teaches you so much.  Some things you learn at the time, while others you learn afterwards upon reflection.  They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and I totally agree.DSC06410

:: Travel brings you lifelong friends.

Two of my very best friends are ones that I met through travelling, two of whom were my bridesmaids.  Travelling together means that you spend 24 hours together, sharing beds, screaming at mice in a hotel room in India, trying to find the most comfortable position a night train, attempting to read maps… the list goes on.    DSC03328:: Travel teaches you to be spontaneous.  

Forget looking in the guide book to find your next eatery, or planning out your trip before.  Travel teaches you that so much more happens on a trip when you just let it be!  You will meet somebody who will tell…

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