Mysore Diaries: First Impressions of India

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jasmine wu hanley

I admit that part of India’s magnetic appeal to me was its unavailability.

When I was 18, I resigned to the fact that traveling there was out for the time being. Since then, I’ve gone backpacking solo from Burma to the Balkans with no qualms and minimal quibbles, but India’s sheer vastness and horror stories in the news remained.

Out of fairness to both the country and my parents, the great India trip was long on hold.

As things happen, I am currently writing this from India.

When the opportunity came up to study classical yoga for a month, I saw it as a chance to seriously practice yoga while spending time in Mysore, a city in the easier-going south of the subcontinent.

When I first arrived at the Bangalore Airport, I felt a wave of relief, for having made it… and a wave of terror that India was no…

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