Top 5 USA Road Trip Highlights

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A Brummie Home and Abroad

Mr Fletche and I have been lucky to do two different US road trips over the last 6 years, and we’re starting to think about another one in 2017 to celebrate my zero-ending birthday!  This got me thinking about some of my favourite memories from our previous trips…

Death Valley, California. Nothing prepares you for Death Valley.  We’d driven from the bright lights and excess of Las Vegas into desolation and an eerie silence. We watched from within our lovely air-conditioned car as the temperature outside crept up from the relatively cool 100 degrees to a ridiculous peak of 126 degrees.  Opening the car door was akin to opening a hot oven.  Stepping out the car at Badwater is akin to having a hair dryer blown into your face on the hottest, strongest setting. But it’s beautiful.  Stark and desolate, yes.  But also beautiful.  We drove from Ashford Junction…

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