SIACHEN: The Highest Battlefield On Earth


Location of Siachen Glacier

Siachen Glacier is located in the disputed Jammu Kashmir territory in the east of Karakorum Range of Himalaya mountains. This is the longest glacier of Karakorum range in Himalaya Mountains with a length of about 71 kilometer and also the world,s 2nd longest glacier as far as non-polar regions are concerned. Its elevation from sea level is about 5400 meter.

The Name Siachen

The name Siachen comes from Balti language, comprises of two words, Sia and chun. “Sia” means Roses and “chun” means the thing which is found abundantly so the name suggest that Siachen is the place where roses are found abundantly.

Siachen Conflict

The main reason behind this conflict is the non-demarcation of the Siachen territory on map beyond the cordinate NJ9842 in the ceasefire line agreement between two countries. As a result both countries claim the sovereignty over Siachen territory. There was no…

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