The Rise of the Traveling Narcissist

fa501b281c7aa8a43cc7db31ac24aedcHello. My name is Geo and I am a traveling narcissist.
It truly is hard to admit and honestly, embarrassing. Narcissism is defined as the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. I came to realize my affliction as I was sitting watching my Twitter and Instagram notifications pour in after a recent series of photo postings. With each notification came a sense of relief, joy and fulfillment. This is so fucking stupid and goes against everything that I stand for. Yet there I was, admiring the accolades and ego boosting validation of mostly complete strangers on the internet.
So. Fucking. Stupid.
I decided to come clean and write about this embarrassing affliction as I assume a vast majority of travel minded social media users share a similar shame. We travel to gain enriching experiences. To see & feel the reality of the world in all of it’s…

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