My top tips for getting the most out of a signing event

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I recently met Olly Murs again at his latest album signing in Cardiff and with so many people talking online about how they missed out on the opportunity because they weren’t aware. Therefore, I’ve decided to list some of my top tips to make sure you get the best…


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A fisherman’s dream

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f/11, 1/125 sec, ISO 100 Many old fishing wharfs on the outskirts of Finnmark in Norway, like this one on Ingøya, have been converted to receive fishing tourists during the summer season. 

In My Dreams

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  Your beautiful eyes shining reflecting the blue of the sea and sky gaze passionately into mine Windswept hair tickles our sun-kissed faces and laughing, we lie together on the warm sand making love to the rhythm of the ocean waves caressing the shore   Is you and me  in my dreams  …

Dreams to be fulfilled…..

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    An onset of a tempest brews within, when people put on a veil of ignorance, when unruly waves of indifference drowns many in its flow, when plunderers in the guise of rulers silently kill, we lament the gradual death of the soul.   Oh ! Did your freedom go…

Day 1329: Edinburgh dreams

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When one is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, it’s dreamily natural to dream, to think about dreams, and to wonder if you’re dreaming. Yesterday, I almost missed this dreamy sign because I was daydreaming in the Edinburgh mist and rain: The people who dreamed up that…

A dream

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I am happy to hand over today’s post to my very good friend Mirja aka delphini510 and her unusual take on property selling. Hope you will enjoy it. *** Reading many estate agents’ formal and stilted descriptions of properties for sale, I was overtaken by a wicked impulse. So here is my quirky approach…

A Hot Blogging Magician

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I’m not a statistician. I’m not a mathematician, nor even a magician. I’m a writer, which does take more magic than math. Yet, Word Press (my blog server) sent me the stats for my most popular posts the past couple of years. I’m going to use those post headings in this…