Discovery of Silence


Discovery of Stillness
ie Entdeckung der Stille

Die Stille tanzt in sich, sie ist der Tanz der Leere
Stillness is the dance of emptiness

Siri Buchfee

stille_05the-worldaccordingtodinaHere it is silent as silent can be
(Scoresby Sound/E Greenland)

We Bookfayries are constantly seeking stillnes in our noisy times. You know, we are looking for real stillness, so quiet that we can hear the grass growing. A stillness as vast as the universe, like an endless open space which gives us the feeling to be sucked into a black nothingness. We love this prickling feeling, this enjoyment and excitement combined with fear! We can’t stop listening deep into the absolute stillness and let us fall deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of nothingness.
We are Bookfayries which makes us love libraries, not only because libraries are our home, but it’s that deadly silent there, so silent that we can…

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