Life of Fashionista Mother! 💞 #fashion  #motherhood #love #life

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I started writing blogs because of my 2.5 year old son & my love for fashion. They are my reasons. While I would put him to sleep daily night singing lullabies I would often think what after this. ..and ended up on social networking sites just browsing crap.

He generally dozes off by 10ish and I can’t sleep before 11.30 ( old habits die hard) !!…So springed the idea of writing something in this “ME” time…My journey began with Google, looking for apt answers for my questions…

– What are blogs ? (Complete world is either busy writing or reading one)

– How are they written? (Since I left creative writing ever since left school)

– Who reads them? (I never did earlier if not promoted by my friends, until I got my own blog started)

Finally I gathered myself and wrote something about that crossed my thoughts first and…

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