Of Kittens and Cuteness

A Farm Girl's Life

Calm down, calm down, guys. I can’t type when you’re squealing like that. XD All right, all right, I’ll show you the pictures.

(Note: most of these pictures are edited because kittens are just a teensy bit hard to photograph sometimes. 😉 )

Ahem. We shall start with our own dearest Casey. SHE IS SO CUTE! If she’s cute in pictures, she’s even more adorable in real life! (See more pictures of her here.)

casey 1 (1024x768) Casey-in-a-shoe!

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 011 (1024x768) Casey taking a nap beside some (rather dusty) mice. Hey, you’re not supposed to like mice, remember?

-Allison(doll, mystery pictures, bunnies) 037 (1024x768) Stttttretch!

Casey (1280x960) Casey can be quite the deep sleeper. Mom picked her up like this and Casey didn’t bat an eyelash. Well, she doesn’t have eyelashes, but still…

Casey 1 (1024x768) “How ya’ doin’, folks? Shake a paw.”

Casey 2 (1024x768) And off she goes.

Now for some really tiny, just-born kittens! Megan found them in the cow barn. The lighting was really bad so my pictures aren’t anything gorgeous…

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