Online Diary?

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Hey guys,

So you’re probably looking at the title confused because well, who does online diary entry’s? Let me clear it all up for you.
I’m not actually going to do the whole ‘Dear Diary, today I blah, blah, blah’ because well, I’m not 12 anymore.
What this post is about, is that I am thinking of making my blog more personal and chatting with you guys, connecting with you and just sharing things with you.
Maybe I can tell you about my day in the city, or a really sad time in my life, etc.
I just want to connect with you guys more and let you in on some of my fun adventures I go on.
I’m going to start with one today, and if you liked reading it and would like me to continue with these posts, please let me know!

So remember when I said that…

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