#ThursdayDoors — Spencer

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When The Mister and I travel to southern Indiana, we always seem to go through Spencer. I’ve been through there many, many times. Like a child I always say the same thing, “This is familiar. Is there a McDonald’s at the end of this street?” Y’all know I like my fountain Cokes.

I could probably make it to Spencer on my own, but after that McDonald’s, I wouldn’t know where to go. I don’t care how many times I’ve been down there in the last 30 years, I still do not know the way to The Mister’s grandmother’s house, let alone the more obscure places.

I more often drive home, because while there are no signs that read “Grandma’s House” with arrows and mileage on the way down, on the way up there are plenty  with “Indianapolis” to help a city girl get home.
Besides, then I can stop at that…

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