To Tour Or Not To Tour? Independent Travel Versus Travelling With a Tour Group

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The last day of our one-week tour through Jordan – from my journal 11 October 2015: I haven’t slept well. I felt people in the group didn’t like me but they liked Don. I said to him it’s because I’m abrasive and I say what I think. He simply replied ‘that’s the difference’. I felt like I’d been slapped. There were a lot of early morning tears. It’s not that I say what I think, it’s the way I say it – and I realized that I believe I have to be abrasive just to be heard.

This next tour (Egypt) will be different I think. It feels as if the one we just did was practice for being with a group of people all the time. We’re both so very sensitive, but don’t show it, and try to compensate for it in different ways. This next tour I’ll practice…

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  1. A very honest article and I can feel you. I travelled with the group and the dynamic of the group is very important. My group was very small but with people of different age/background and ultimately with the different pace. We used to hold pre tour meetings which were opportunity for people to get to know each other before travels.

    1. Thanks for your support visit and comment 🙂

Many Many thanks for your visit and support comment :)

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