Why travel blogs are POP! and never Flop.

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DCIM100GOPROG0050197. Me and my cousin having fun at Bulusan lake, Sorsogon

For most people, you can think that to TRAVEL is as equal as the words, Splurge, Expensive or Leisure time.  By reading travel blogs and Inflight magazines you’d wonder with questions, How do they do that? How much is their budget for that travel?  And for me, it’s a never-ending question of how much it costs, just how much they spent. Most will vary by the way they spend on accommodation (if they would rather stay on a tent or jump over a soft bed in a hotel) and transportation (You know, hiking, walking, or riding something.)

This is why I always like to read travel stories, especially those cheap travels & Backpacker series with specific notes about their trips, I’m broke you know. Thanks to the internet, just a few clicks and surf it gives you an…

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