Beautiful or dreamy?

My valiant soul

Indian child bride.: How perfectly the white dots are joined on my face starting from my forehead and extending to my cheeks,I am sure you shall enjoy it and call me by all glorious names.Do you know my age even?Not 12 or 14..I am just 10.At my home,there were times when I saw my mother vigorously doing the household errands and so as I loved her,I started to help her..little did I know,she would think I am ready to carry my duties for another boy.My love for my mother turned into my nightmare,so here I am,burning in my own fears.Decorated as a statue,my heart skips fire rather than a eyes see a row of miseries rather than a bliss.The heaviness in my eyes are the epitome of chaos,destruction which my dear ones fail to perceive.My lips refuse to smile as my dreams got a setback.The clamouring still persists within my soul..the fire…

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